All tourist routes according to the themes of intangible cultural heritage

General event
Vytauto g. 69, Trakai
Trakų eldership
2022-03-01 - 2022-09-30

Ethno-cultural events

The three-day event – Trakai Summer – is a fun-filled event full of colours, art festivals, attractions, entertainment, fun music and a cheerful mood – a great opportunity to get acquainted with both the intangible and tangible cultural heritage of Trakai district. A tourist itinerary for each day will allow you to get to know the Trakai region better and accumulate a wealth of fun memories. Some routes can be done on foot, others require a bike or a car. Let the discovery journey begin!

Route for art lovers promoting ethno-culture

Travelling along these routes (this route), you will not only get to know the music and traditions of different regions of Lithuania, but will also feel tolerance and respect for the culture of other nations when you stop and take a moment of being. You will visit many great places in the Trakai region: from architectural treasures to spectacular natural treasures. The routes for travellers also promise to introduce them to the traditional crafts of the Trakai region and the cuisines of different countries. Discover and explore to preserve the most beautiful things!

Traditional trading times

The Town Hall Market, which is famous in Trakai, is a testimony to the trades of the region, when it was not only an economic necessity, but also an opportunity to socialise and learn about the latest news. Travellers on these routes will have a great opportunity to feel the spirit of the market towns and to visit the famous sights of the Trakai region such as Trakai Castle, Trakai Basilica, Aukų Hill, Trakai Old Town, etc. Visitors can taste cuisines from different countries and learn about traditional crafts of the Trakai region.

Ethno-parties, educational activities

During the cycle of Christmas events in Trakai, the Trakai Culture Palace hosts a Christmas ethno-workshop – the Christmas Factory, which includes activities in different activity spots. Professional artists and painters teach theatre and singing arts. A Christmas Factory is only powerful when it is filled with people. Only then do the production processes gain momentum, the machines start working, the laughter sounds, and the smell of paint and wax begins to fill the air. Taking part in these ethno-workshops, ‘A Journey to Santa Claus’ on the Christmas train, is part of the Christmas itinerary, offering an escape from the rushing, bustling and anxious everyday world. Stop for a moment and listen to the ticking time of the present.

Events according to the liturgical calendar

The route is a 35-kilometre journey of joy, prayer, communion, fatigue, hymns of praise and the most beautiful autumn adventure. This is a great opportunity to visit the Trakai Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, a unique monument of faith and Lithuanian cultural history.

This is also a great opportunity to travel along the Vytautas the Great Route, which introduces travellers to important events in the life of Vytautas the Great and his achievements, as well as to many other sites of importance to the Trakai region. Pilgrimages are journeys of concentration. May the sacrality and inner peace settle quietly in the mind and heart.