About us


About us

The intangible cultural heritage of the Trakai region, renowned for its uniqueness and abundance, is a bridge of vitality between the present and the past and the diversity of cultures. Those who travel there have the opportunity to discover their roots, their connection with the past, get to know the customs, traditions, music, cultural spaces of the Trakai region and many other things, which, practicing and enjoying them, contribute to the preservation of this heritage.

‘Discover, Learn, Preserve’ is the only project in Lithuania that introduces the intangible cultural heritage of Trakai and its significance for the identity and continuity of a community or a group, as well as the diversity of cultures inherent in the heritage.

The intangible cultural heritage of Trakai district and its areas of expression are divided into five categories: cognitive ethno-cultural events, traditional tradeshows of art lovers who foster ethno-cultural activities, ethno-personal educational activities, events according to the liturgical calendar. The five unique tourist routes will allow you to better feel the spirit of these events, experience the harmony of the sacredness and nature of the Trakai region, and visit the most beautiful cultural sites of our region.

How to avoid getting lost in the abundance, and where to start? Movies presenting the Trakai region are the key to a labyrinth of new impressions and experiences. Let it be a journey through time, with the opportunity to hear generations interact, to discover the past, the present and the future, the threads of creativity and tradition that connect them.